“I’ve never thought of PHP as more than simple tool to solve problems”


Hypertext Preprocessor is a server-side scripting language designed for Web development, and also used as a general-purpose programming language.


80% of the top 10 million websites uses PHP.

It is popular for freelance work.


Before starting you must have idea about Client-side Scripting, Database Concepts, Frameworks Understanding, OOPS Concepts.


Introduction of Web & PHP

What is PHP?

The history of PHP

Why choose PHP?

Installation overview

Embedding PHP code on a page

Outputting dynamic text

The operational trail

Inserting code comments

Exploring Data Types



String functions

Numbers part one: Integers

Numbers part two: Floating points


Associative arrays

Array functions


NULL and empty

Type juggling and casting


Control Structures: Logical Expressions

If statements

Else and elseif statements

Logical operators

Switch statements

Control Structures: Loops

While loops

For loops

Foreach loops



Understanding array pointers

User-Defined Functions

Defining functions

Function arguments

Returning values from a function

Multiple return values

Scope and global variables

Setting default argument values


Common problems

Warnings and errors

Debugging and troubleshooting

Building Web Pages with PHP

Links and URLs

Using GET values

Encoding GET values

Encoding for HTML

Including and requiring files

Modifying headers

Page redirection

Output buffering

Working with Forms and Form Data

Building forms

Detecting form submissions

Single-page form processing

Validating form values

Problems with validation logic

Displaying validation errors

Custom validation functions

Single-page form with validations

Working with Cookies and Sessions

Working with cookies

Setting cookie values

Reading cookie values

Unsetting cookie values

Working with sessions

MySQL Basics

MySQL introduction

Creating a database

Creating a database table


Populating a MySQL database

Relational database tables

Populating the relational table

Using PHP to Access MySQL

Database APIs in PHP

Connecting to MySQL with PHP

Retrieving data from MySQL

Working with retrieved data

Creating records with PHP

Updating and deleting records with PHP

SQL injection

Escaping strings for MySQL

Introducing prepared statements

Building a Content Management System (CMS)

Blueprinting the application

Building the CMS database

Establishing your work area

Creating and styling the first page

Making page assets reusable

Connecting the application to the database

Using Site Navigation to Choose Content

Adding pages to the navigation subjects

Refactoring the navigation

Selecting pages from the navigation

Highlighting the current page

Moving the navigation to a function

Application CRUD

Finding a subject in the database

Refactoring the page selection

Creating a new subject form

Processing form values and adding subjects

Passing data in the session

Validating form values

Creating an edit subject form

Using single-page submission

Deleting a subject

Cleaning up

Assignment: Pages CRUD

Assignment results: Pages CRUD

Building the Public Area

The public appearance

Using a context for conditional code

Adding a default subject behaviour

The public content area

Protecting page visibility

Regulating Page Access

User authentication overview

Admin CRUD

Encrypting passwords

Salting passwords

Adding password encryption to CMS

New PHP password functions

Creating a login system

Checking for authorization

Creating a logout page

Advanced PHP Techniques

Using variable variables

Applying more array functions

Building dates and times: Epoch/Unix

Formatting dates and times: Strings and SQL

Setting server and request variables

Establishing global and static variable scope

Making a reference assignment

Using references as function arguments

Using references as function return values


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