“Design can be art.

Design can be aesthetics.

Design is so simple,that’s why

It is so complicated.”


AutoCAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) program used for 2-D and 3-D design and drafting. AutoCAD is developed and marketed by Autodesk Inc. and was one of the first CAD programs that could be executed on personal computers.


Here are some reasons to consider learning the computer-aided drafting software program used for creating blueprints for buildings, bridges and computer chips. The opportunity to use a CAD application is a craft that can serve you well in the future. In fact, you may have some hobbies that AutoCAD will correspond with.


Circle. Command/Shortcut: CIRCLE

Polyline. Command/Shortcut: PLINE

Rectangle. Command/Shortcut: RECTANGLE.

Hatch. Command/Shortcut: HATCH

Top Commands for 3D Modeling. Extrude



creating a sample drawing

Starting autoCAD

AutoCAD screenlayout

Basic Drawing and editing commands

Making your Drawing more precise

Drawing precision in autoCAD

Making changes in your drawing

drawing organization and information

Organizing your drawing with layers

Advanced object types

Getting information from your drawing

creating more complex objects

Advanced editing commands

Inserting blocks

preparing to print

Setting up a layout

Printing your drawing

Annotating your drawing



Adding demensions

beyond the basics

Working effectively with autoCAD

Accurate positioning

creating and organizing blocks

Creating blocks

Blocks in tool palettes

drawing setup and utilities

Creating templates

Annotation styles


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