“It’s Impossible .”said pride
It’s Risky.” Said Experience.
It’s Pointless.”said Reason
If you really are Hacker!
Then Give it a Try!”


It is the process of testing and validating an Information Technology (IT) system to determine its weaknesses and assess its vulnerabilities.Ethical hackers identify potential threats and help mitigate the risk of a real cyber attack.Ethical hacking is also a way of objectively analysing an organisation’s data security structure. A new league of IT professionals called white hat hackers or ethical hackers are emerging and gaining prominence.


In today’s world, information is considered to be the biggest asset for an organization. If the information is not secured then the entire profits of the organization and the employees associated with the company are at stake. Thus protecting the information for the company and making sure that the network is flawless is one of the primary tasks for an Ethical Hacker.

The hacking threat to current businesses Yes, it has been the biggest threat. If you have observed a lot of cyber attacks have been organized and implemented by several government organizations for personal benefits. All these activities are controlled and executed by well-trained hackers.

In this modern era, most of our daily tasks have been simplified using technology. Usage of computers or electronic devices like mobile phones has been skyrocketed. All the information is stored in the electronic format and it is prone to cyber theft.

So most of the confidential information is stored on the computers or the electronic devices and without proper security, it is always open for cyber attacks by Hackers. Uncontrolled activities like these have been costing millions of dollars for the organizations and more importantly, their trust is at stake when it comes to privacy of their customer information.


There are few prerequisites that an individual has to have to make sure that they are worthy Ethical Hackers.

To be an Ethical hacker, you need to be a real hacker.

Need to understand Networking concepts

You will need to have a working knowledge of TCP/IP

Should have working experience working on networking technologies.

To be eligible to take certification (i.e. Ethical Hacking), one must go through official Ethical Hacking Training to gain complete in-depth knowledge

Should have a working knowledge of at least two programming languages.


Introduction to ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking introduction

Why cyber security is important ?

Types of hackers

Google privacy invasion – live demo

Phases of penetration testing

Networking Basics

Networking Introduction

TCP/IP and OSI Network Model

Network Topologies


Footprinting demo – Whois

Footprinting using wayback machine

Website Footprinting

Website Monitoring and Mirroring

Network Footprinting using nmap and zenmap

Setting up Hacking Environment

Installing and configuring Kali Linux using Virtual Box

Configuring Kali live using USB

Digital Forensics

How Passwords are encrypted

Device Investigation using ADS spy and Last Activity View

Encryption and Cryptography – demo

Windows Hacking

Windows Password Hacking – demo

Wireless Hacking

Wifi interface and airmon-ng command

Capturing handshakes using airodump command

Capturing handshakes using wifite

Dictionary attack – aircrack-ng


Browser Exploitation Framework

BeEf introduction

BeEf live demo

Mobile Hacking
Concepts of Mobile Hacking

Android Hacking using spyware


Creating Phishing Page to steal passwords

Phishing live demo

URL gambling

Self-researched technique to avoid phishing

How hackers bypass OTP using live phishing

Denial of Service Attacks

Dos/Ddos attack – demo

Social Engineering

Easiest Hacking technique : Social Engineering

Website Hacking

SQL Injection

Cross site scripting

Career Guidance – CEH

Career path to become Certified Ethical Hacke

Accessing Dark Web

Introduction to Dark Web

Configuring and Accessing TOR browser – Anonymous browsing.

Honeypot and IDS

Honeypot and IDS – demo


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Internship Training

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