“Artificial Intelligence the art of making computers that behave like the ones in movies”


Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.


This program will teach you how to become a better Artificial Intelligence Engineer by teaching you classical AI algorithms applied to common problem types. You will complete projects and exercises incorporating search, optimization, planning, and probabilistic graphical models which have been used in Artificial Intelligence applications for automation, logistics, operations research, and more. These concepts form the foundation for many of the most exciting advances in AI in recent years. Each project you build will be an opportunity to demonstrate what you’ve learned in your lessons, and become part of a career portfolio that will demonstrate your mastery of these skills to potential employers

This program covers classical AI techniques that you will need to master to become a better AI practitioner. Specifically, we will focus on intermediate to advanced programming skills, linear algebra, and algorithms that appear in a variety of AI applications.


This program requires experience with linear algebra, statistics, and algorithms


Constraint Satisfaction Problems

Solving Sudoku With AI

Constraint Satisfaction Problems

Additional Topics in CSP

Classical Search


Uninformed Search

Informed Search

Additional Topics: Search

Implement informed & uninformed search for Pacman

Build a Forward Planning Agent


Uninformed Search

Informed Search


Optimization Problems


Hill Climbing

Simulated Annealing

Genetic Algorithms

Additional Optimization Topics

Classroom Exercise: Optimization Problems

Automated Planning

Symbolic Logic & Reasoning

Introduction to Automated Planning

Classical Planning

Additional Topics in Planning

Build an Adversarial Game Playing Agent

Search in Multi-Agent Domains

Optimizing Minimax Search

Extending Minimax Search

Additional Adversarial Search Topics

Probabilistic Models & Pattern Recognition


Bayes Networks

Inference in Bayes Nets

Hidden Markov Models

Dynamic Time Warping

Additional Topics in PGMs


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In this program, you’ll VB.NET fundamentals that will prepare you to launch or advance a career, and additionally pursue further advanced studies .You will study cutting-edge topics . You will learn from experts in the field, and gain exclusive insights from working professionals.

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